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Representative Council

The Representative Council is the local body of the union which allows members to have input in their union's decisions. Each department elects representatives to the Rep Council, and it is important that all faculty know who their representative is (or are), and for all representatives to maintain constant contact with their departments, finding out what their views and opinions are.

Departmental Representatives - 2015-2016

R/A = Rep/Alt

Last Name First Name Department REP Council
Paz Veronica Accounting R
Tickell Geoffrey Accounting R
Willis Lucinda Adult & Community Education R
Dillaman Craig Advising & Testing R
Adams Abigail Anthropology A
Labotka Lori Anthropology A
Poole Amanda Anthropology R
Massey Sharon Art R
Rode Penny Art R
Baron Robert Athletics R
Bharathan Narayanaswamy Biology A
Brenneman William Biology R
Jain Avijita Chemistry R
See Ronald Chemistry A
Southard Jonathan Chemistry A
  none Coaches  
Migyanka Joann Comm. Dis., Spec. Ed., & Disab. Svs. R
Stein David Comm. Dis., Spec. Ed., & Disab. Svs. R
Stein Karen Comm. Dis., Spec. Ed., & Disab. Svs. R
Start Jay Communications Media R
Fries Terrence Computer Science R
Oblitey William Computer Science R
Drapkin Rita Counseling Center A
Rosenberger Eric Counseling Center R
Bruno Michelle Counselor Education R
Hawkins Paul Crim. & Crim. Justic R
Lewis John Crim. & Crim. Justic R
Mathna Brooke Crim. & Crim. Justic R
Mummert Sadie Crim. & Crim. Justic R
Rivosecchi Karen Ctr. for Career & Tech. Pers. Prep R
Nutter Andrew Culinary Arts R
Ali Parveen Developmental Studies R
Erwin Meghan Developmental Studies R
Racchini Amber Developmental Studies A
Sissoko Yaya Economics R
Vick Brandon Economics A
Barker William Ed./Sch. Psychology A
Runge Timothy Ed./Sch. Psychology R
Decker Scott Employment & Labor Relations A
Bizzaro Patrick English R
Carpenter Brian English R
Downing David English A
Gatta Oriana English R
Kerr Jo-Anne English R
Porter Curtis English R
Siegel-Finer Bryna English A
Thompson Todd English A
Wender Emily English A
Eastman Alan Finance/Legal Studies R
Webb Henry Finance/Legal Studies R
Clark Nicole Food & Nutrition R
Gomis-Izquierdo Vincente Foreign Languages R
Huhn Christina Foreign Languages A
Noob Joachim Foreign Languages A
Sechrist Gail Geography & Regional Planning R
Wilson Robert Geography & Regional Planning R
Brode Cinda Geoscience R
Cercone Karen Rose Geoscience R
Mazak-Kahne Jeanine History A
Schroeder Steven History R
Xi Want History R
Sullivan Linda Hospitality Management R
Venatta Susan Human Dev/Environ. Stud. R
Nahouraii Ata Info. Sys. & Dec. Sciences A
Loomis David Journalism R
Racchini James Kinesiology, Health & Sport Science R
Wachob David Kinesiology, Health & Sport Science R
Clouser Christopher Library A
Heider Kelly Library R
Sirochman Casey Library R
Buchanan Frederick Management R
Kosicek Michael Management R
Bhagat Parimal Marketing R
Sharma Varinda Marketing R
Chrispell John Mathematics R
Flowers Timothy Mathematics A
Lamb Charles Mathematics R
Dickinson Christian Music R
Eisensmith Kevin Music A
Levey John Music R
Boothby Johanna Nursing & Allied Health R
Hoffman Riah Nursing & Allied Health R
O'Harra Pamela Nursing & Allied Health A
Caraway Carol Philosophy R
Numan Muhammad Physics R
Talwar Devki Physics R
Sternfeld Rachel Political Science R
Sibert Susan Prof. Studies in Education R
Twiest Mark Prof. Studies in Education R
Mills John Psychology R
Reardon Margaret Psychology A
Sherburne Cora Lou Psychology R
Goulet Nicole Religious Studies R
Benjamin Mimi S.A.H.E. A
Mueller John S.A.H.E. R
Engler John Safety Sciences R
Mulroy John Safety Sciences R
Gunter Valerie Sociology R
Hildebrandt Melanie Sociology A
Gretta Robert Theater & Dance R




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