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Committee for Action Through Politics (CAP)

The Committee for Action through Politics is an independent body which helps APSCUF get its views across to political leaders in Harrisburg.

Chair: Susan Drummond, telephone - 74479

Let’s Face Facts

* State-level decisions regarding the SSHE and IUP (your workplace) are political decisions
* Right or wrong, political influence has greater effect than the logic of our arguments
* Because the SSHE is a state agency its ability to wield political influence on its own behalf is severely limited by law
* Thus, the burden falls on the faculty
* APSCUF is, and has been, the major voice for public higher education in our state
* An education-friendly legislature means electing the right candidates

Why Would We, the Faculty, NOT Help Ourselves?

* Dedicate $25 of your already-paid union dues to political action. Join CAP today!
* t’s only $25 — that’s less than 7¢ a day
* Help influence the politics of higher education in Pennsylvania
* Fill out and send in your CAP rebate card. Feel good that you are bearing your share of the burden
* Help influence the election of legislators friendly to higher education
* CAP gives the SSHE faculty a “presence” in Harrisburg and around the state

Any questions? Call Susan Drummond in the Library at x7-4479 or email drummond@iup.edu.



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