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Faculty Education for Action Committee

The Faculty Education for Action Committee is responsible for activities related to faculty education and mobilization. It was established as a permanent committee several years ago, growing out of a Strike Committee established during an acrimonious contract negotiation. It continues to function as the strike committee during contract negotiation years, and at other times it engages in activities intended to help faculty understand the meaning of union membership and the contract, and to assist IUP-APSCUF in maintaining relationships with other unions.

Chair: Elaine Little, telephone - 73424

Unions/organizations with a strong presence in higher education:

Our state organization.

American Association of University Professors (AAUP). Defends academic freedom and shared governance, develops and upholds professional values and standards.

American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Affiliated with the AFL-CIO, one of the two largest unions in the field of education. See especially the AFT's higher education site www.aft.org/highered for news and resources.

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO (AFSCME). Represents many PASSHE employees.

National Education Association (NEA). The other large education union, the NEA claims the title of largest union in the nation's history. Increasingly, NEA and AFT cooperate, and some of their state organizations have merged.

Pennsylvania State College and University Professional Association (SCUPA). Another union that represents IUP employees.

Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA). State affiliate of the NEA.

Labor Federations

AFL-CIO, the biggest of the national federations.

Change to Win Coalition, a group of unions that in 2005 broke away from the AFL-CIO to form a new federation.

AFL-CIO's Pennsylvania organization.


Labor Notes ("Putting the movement back in the labor movement."). Current news, great links to labor (and other) organizations

Links to higher education resources on the PASSHE website, including the collective bargaining agreements PASSHE has negotiated unions representing its employees. www.passhe.edu/inside/hr/syshr/pages/unit_info.aspx?q=apscuf

IUP Center for Labor Relations
Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Labor Relations, right here on the IUP campus

National Labor College. Conducts labor education programs and offers college degrees.

List of cars and trucks made in the United States by union labor

Information on goods and services from union workers.



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