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Rules and By-Laws

Committee Purpose and Scope:

The Rules and Bylaws Committee is an IUP-APSCUF standing committee and the membership, purpose, and scope of the committee is described in Article VIII, Section 17 of our Bylaws. That section, excerpted from our Bylaws, appears below:

Section 17. Rules and Bylaws Committee

a)The Rules and Bylaws Committee comprises the President and additional members and Chair appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Representative Council.

b)The Rules and Bylaws Committee shall

1. receive and process all proposed Bylaws changes
2. review the Bylaws
3. resolve any contradiction between the C.B.A., Bylaws and Resolutions adopted by the Representative Council.

In accordance with the Bylaws passage cited above, a major task of this committee is to receive and process all proposed Bylaw changes. In practice, the Rules and Bylaws Committee is often charged by either State APSCUF, one of the IUP-APSCUF standing committees, IUP-APSCUF Representative Council, or IUP-APSCUF Executive Committee with drafting proposals for amending the Bylaws as circumstances warrant. The Bylaws Committee then works with the parties involved in drafting the amendment proposal. An example of a circumstance that could warrant the need for a local Bylaws change might be a change in the State APSCUF Bylaws. The State APSCUF Bylaws, in Article XII - Section B, stipulate that the bylaws from each chapter “must be consistent with State APSCUF Bylaws”. So, a change at the State level can render our local bylaws out of compliance, requiring that the appropriate modifications be adopted so as to bring us once again back into compliance. Examples of other situations that might warrant the need for a bylaws change might be the need for a clarification in the existing bylaws language, a change in the scope or charge of a standing committee, the addition or removal of a standing committee, or the need for a change in the existing procedures or provisions that are mandated in the Bylaws.
According to Article XII of the IUP-APSCUF Bylaws:

The Bylaws of this organization shall be amended by a two-thirds vote at any general meeting, provided that notice in writing of a proposed amendment has been filed with the Secretary and has been distributed in writing to the membership at least two weeks prior to the general meeting.

In practice, amendment proposals from the Rules and Bylaws Committee are first considered by Executive Committee, then the Representative Council, and only after they have been favorably received and recommended by those bodies are they forwarded for consideration by the IUP-APSCUF General Membership. The bylaws changes that have been approved by the General Membership must then be forwarded to the State APSCUF Rules and Bylaws Committee for review and final approval. The role of that body is to decide whether or not the proposed changes are in compliance with the State APSCUF Rules and Bylaws.

Contact Information

Kenneth Sherwood, Chair
Department of English

Member List

Daniel Puhlman
Brandon Dulisse
Catherine Dugan
John “Jay” Mills

The membership of the Rules and Bylaws Committee is determined by presidential appointment. Appointments require “the advice and consent of the Representative Council”, so that upon a change of administration, new committee membership usually is not determined at least until the September meeting of the Representative Council. However, the standing membership remains valid until a new vote for approval occurs.

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